Kumu Hula Puanani Jung

"I first opened the doors to my halau hula on April 1, 1998, with one class of five students. Since then, my blessings have continued to grow, and our 'ohana at Halau Hula Lani Ola has blossomed."

"With both Mother (Puanani Alama) and Aunt (Leilani Alama) who are lifelong kumu hula, Hula has never been an optional part of my life. Now that I am a kumu hula myself, I have come to realize how deeply the Hula Tradition is rooted in my soul. I could never imagine a life now that did not included carrying on this beautiful Hula Tradtion."


"Halau Hula Lani Ola" means "The Hula School of Heavenly Life". Its roots, as mine, were established in the hula family life many years ago. The lineage of my 'ohana descends from the chiefly domain of Kalokuokamaile. Our faith in God entrusts us with the belief that good will come to the lives of those touched by the hula that emanates from this halau."